12 October 2012

This Photo of Charles Manson is Fake

This is a fake photo of Charles Manson

This photo of Charles Manson is fake. It first appeared online about 5 or 6 years ago on the flikr page of a man claiming to be a relative of one of the musicians in the photo. I asked Manson about the photo after I found it and he told me it was fake. I later studied the photo and found a dead give away that the photo has been altered, although the individual who altered the photo did a good job with the shadow and the reflection on the polished floor anyone who knows a thing or two about Manson should be able to notice something not quite right about this photo.


  1. When I saw Charles with this photo in his address book on a visit he claimed it was real- he could have been bullshitting with me but I took him on his word.

  2. Unless all the other guys are midgets, it can't be Manson - who is only 5'3".