18 May 2011

Linda LIED

There has NEVER been any definitive proof of Charles Manson's involvement in the murders during the trials from 1970-1971. Everyone who testified, including the killers, stated that Charles Manson was not present at any of the murder scenes. The prosecuting attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, essentially manufactured the entire case against Charles Manson; with the aid of Linda Kasabian, who was present for the murders at the Tate residence. She gained TOTAL IMMUNITY for testifying. Vincent Bugliosi would turn Manson's fair trial into a circus sideshow and career making case for himself. He made loads of money and fame from the case, wrote a best selling book about it, a handful of movies and many TV showings.
The other implications of Charles Manson would come later from people serving life sentences attempting to see a chance of parole; they lied. Even Susan Atkins who at first stated to a fellow inmate that she was involved in the death of Sharon Tate. This claim would later be proven false by Charles "Tex" Watson who declared that he had the fatal blow in every one of the deaths in the Tate and Labianca murders, which makes Atkins ad guilty as Kasabian for being there. The difference is Susan Atkins died in prison, while Linda Kasabian walks freely.

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  1. Yes Linda lied her pigtails off to save her ass. Most who are familiar with this case remain puzzled as to why Linda walked. Susan was only offered escape from the death penalty which she subsequently got out of anyway. Linda's and Susan's participation in the crimes are about the same, except Susan held Sharon while Tex stabbed her. Yet by the law Linda is just as guilty as Susan.

    Linda's lied about so many things and got by with it because the defense essentially maintained a posture of letting the state prove their case. To challenge Linda's lies would place Susan and Pat at the scene.

    The evidence indicates that Linda was elbow deep in the killings.

    1. She said that she heard Gibby cry out for her mother. No, it was Sharon who cried out for her mother as Tex was stabbing her. Sharon was the last to die so this means Linda was at the scene the whole time. In her testimony Linda said she ran after seeing Frykowski stumbled out to the porch. If so she couldn't have heard Sharon cry out.

    2. Linda slashed Steven Parent's left hand to the tendons when he walked by and out of curiosity stopped momentarily to look into the main house to see what was happening. Linda who was outside at the moment surprises Steven. He holds up his left hand in a peace gesture and she comes down on it with a deep slash.

    3. Linda cuts and stabs Sharon and Jay as they were trying to escape out the front door. This is how the blood of both victims got on the front porch area in great amounts. At that time Tex ran out to Steven's car and shoots him as he tries to escape. In haste Steven backs rapidly over the curb and into the fence breaking the slats. He gets going forward but dies before he can ram his car through the flimsy gate.

    3. What made Linda run was when she heard Sharon was that Linda realized that this was a death penalty case. She comes to her senses and leaves perhaps with the idea of getting into the Ford and running away if she sees the cops come up.

    4. On the way out she leaves Jay's blood on the button to open the gate. Susan says that she, Tex and Pat picked up their clothes and went back over the fence. One set of clothes was found on the house side of the fence by cops. This was Linda's.

    You could go on and on with her lies. Another big one is that upon arrival she said she went around back looking for open windows and doors and found none. Police photos taken only hours after the murders show several windows open. She didn't go around the house. She lied about it but, Why?

    I too have wondered how Linda got such a sweet deal. The only way I can explain it was Vince liked her, perhaps in a fatherly way or perhaps in a romantic way. He has made statements that makes one think the latter is the case.

    But the overriding reason was that Bugliosi had only one trick, and Linda was it. He admitted that he was going to trial with a fingerprint, Pat's on the back door, a Buntline tied to Jay's shooting but he didn't have enough evidence to place the gun into anyone's hands. Tex left a fingerprint on the front Pig door, but he had been to the house before. It's been widely and wrongly reported that Susan left a footprint on the front walkway. Not so. This footprint was perhaps not classifiable or it didn't match Susan. My guess is that it matched Linda and the Bug stuffed that fact down.

    All this can make your head swim. Two cold blooded killer went free, Linda and Brunner. If you match their actions and comments and lifestyle to a scale of psychopathic behaviors, they score close to the top.

    All the victim deaths are heart wrenching, especially Sharon and Rosemary. But the one that always got to me the most was Abigail. From what we know she was a kind and gentle soul who felt only compassion for people. Had any of these skanks come to Abigail for help she would have freely done what she could for them as she did when she operated the Haight Asbury free clinic.